Wednesday, April 18, 2007


I've taken to knitting
my brows on the Bronx-bound 4
It keeps me awake in a way
prune juice never did or could
I've never had prune juice is one
explanation, another is still waiting
to be stumbled on in the wings
among props for last fall's production of
La Traviata
                       It was put on by
ninth-graders and was therefore a disaster
though I wasn't that devastated
not being a huge fan of opera

I like bicycles better, especially
those ridden by attractive young women,
the ones who used to ride horses
until horses were discontinued
due to a fatal flaw in their design:
the look in their eyes had a way
of evoking a deep regret

The same can be said of some people—
I know because I'm one of them. So are you.