Monday, February 11, 2008



Some books you open
and right away you
fall asleep. The one
I wrote begins with
these words: For many
a year I have
wanted to construct a
Burger King. To stay
awake? No, I have
wanted to build one
since childhood, age of
six, maybe. I don't
recall being tired until
my high school years.


Something I said recently
was "Let's make it
a BK Wednesday," to
myself, for no reason.
Today I watched from
a 17-story vantage
point a skyscraper getting
built by men the
size of my friends
and enemies, and their
enemies, who are my
friends—all of us
doing things constantly on
Earth that are important
and unimportant. Everything is
small but adds up,
each man on the
site does one small
task at a time
and everything moves slowly
until the building suddenly
has a third floor
on top of the
second—it's like trying
to see the hour
hand of a clock move.


Some books keep you
awake by "grabbing your
attention right away" and
not letting "go," whether
they take place in
Louisiana or the snow.
Yellow cab, make my
day. I don't know
if people think I
look mean or somehow
unapproachable or what. Nice
neighborhood, very leafy.


Sleep I can't no
dark spread over and
me O park with
oak and poplar trees
tea and thinking about.


I keep falling asleep
on the train reading
asleep falling on the
reading a book to
write and be happy
you are not, I
say happy you are
not a caged lion
O buildings O burgers
slowly O beginning O
reading on the train
some books follow you asleep.