Monday, April 7, 2008

Sometimes I read so many theory-heavy poetry blogs that I become very afraid of writing poetry. Then I come back to lines like these and that feeling goes away:

                      Do not be defeated by the
Feeling that there is too much for you to know. That
Is a myth of the oppressor. You are
Capable of understanding life. And it is yours alone
And only this time.

--"Some General Instructions", Kenneth Koch

Hm...that quote out of context makes it seem like a deadly serious poem. It ain't, be assured. Here is another quote to prove it:

Sexual information should be obtained while one is young
Enough to enjoy it. To learn of cunnilingus at fifty
Argues a wasted life.


  1. Perhaps, following Koch, theory and cunnilingus could be profitably compared: they're both relatively useless to the continuation of civilization, pleasurable unless they go on too long, and maybe difficult to do competently . . .

    Anyway . . .

  2. What makes you so sure civilization would survive without cunnilingus? :)

    I actually like theory as long as it's not trying to beat me up.

    (Thanks for stopping by, btw.)