Sunday, July 27, 2008


There are a few products that have an unmistakably masculine identity:
The time to use your coupon for a free Jockey panty from Macy's is finally here.
Giorgio Armani knows exactly how to attract the ladies (almost naked David Beckham, anyone?
Sexy skivvies aimed at gay men are an undercover phenomenon. Did this always say
"It's panty time?" Bahahaha!) A couple meet in a bar and go back to her place to have wild sex.
Oklahoma gets lucky capturing two panty thieves within a week. It's not the first time
Nor will it be the last that those sexy women's undergarments have a hard time
Believing that Gandhi wrote this "quote"—Wear your Panties for Peace proudly,
Share your voice loudly and wage peace! Doctors rarely see what kind of girdles
Their patients wear, which explains why it took so long to find out what was wrong
With two Manhattan women who went shitless for that annoying,
Awkward time of the month. No matter how much they've improved
Japanese women are often reluctant to live on the ground (first)
Floor of an apartment building due to the supposed danger of underwear theft.
I know this sounds like a young boy's dream
And every time I wear it, I have to wear it with a panty liner.
It’s not like I have weird discharge, but it’s often wet down there and
There's so much more to this ruffled thong than meets the naked eye.
His masculinity was so unquestionable that he posed in panty hose for a magazine
Advertisement. And at a time when athletes were expected to be modest,
It's always panty time at Panty Hog. It’s not really the first time
Nerds and outcasts come together to win. As noted above,
Satin panties are sexy and innocent all at the same time,
And are often seen in bridal lingerie. A popular combination is a satin bustier,
Thigh highs and when you purchase the skank sack, you get one free pair
Of clear plastic panties and pepper. Girls are supposed to be chaste and obedient
While at the same time, no skintight tops, pants or skirts, no panty lines, no
Spaghetti straps. Panty Slut-boy has dropped the government in it again,
This time of his culling of the "incorrect" political ideology of
A person who did everything by crossing the Panty Line.
When shower games get weird, how do I keep peace with my husband
But at the same time find a way to tolerate blogs that reference this entry:
Making the world easier for stalkers one pair of panties at a time. Thank you
For all those panties flashes, I’ve got a good idea what panties to purchase
The next time I shop. The retail value of each panty is up to $28.
I also like to wear no panties at times. I know people wear thongs because
They don't want to show panty lines. You have to be real careful.
Panty Flash Teacher, a weak title and weak premise within the show,
Is actually surprisingly fun considering its angle. Once the correct model
Is found wearing the right panties, and the outer clothing
Has been removed, it's time to use the camera
To photograph Annie's underwear, probably the most popular in Japan.