Thursday, August 28, 2008

Great.  Stephanie Young has another book out, and I still haven't read the first one.  Remember that ten-books-read-before-I-buy-again pledge I made?  Telling the Future Off will be the book I buy when I complete the first round.  Unless I think of another book I want even more.

In case you're wondering about my progress with the first ten—and you are—here are some books I am at least halfway done with (determined by a visual estimate of bookmark position):

The Fatalist – Lyn Hejinian
A Nest of Ninnies – John Ashbery & James Schuyler
Rhode Island Notebook – Gabriel Gudding
Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy – Tao Lin
Since I Moved In – Tim Peterson
At Port Royal – Christopher Edgar
Complex Sleep – Tony Tost
Father of Noise – Anthony McCann
Rain – Jon Woodward
Neither World – Ralph Angel
Left Wing of a Bird – Arthur Vogelsang
Coeur de Lion – Ariana Reines
Already Dead – Denis Johnson
The Floating Opera – John Barth
Going Down – Jennifer Belle
Gravity's Rainbow – Thomas Pynchon

Will all of the first ten I finish be among these?  Possibly.  Possibly not.  Stay tuned.