Thursday, October 2, 2008


In 2005, Mike Judge saw into the future.  A possible one, anyway.  One that might be brought about much sooner if Sarah Palin becomes president someday.  Nobody saw this movie when it came out because Fox tried to kill it, but that just proves how great it is.  Seriously, people.  Just rent it.  Rent the hell out of it.  Now, since I think that telling someone about a movie you saw is like telling someone about a dream you had—more interesting to the teller than the tellee—let me just copy-and-paste this little slice of dialog from IMDb:

Carl's Jr. Computer: Enjoy your EXTRA BIG ASS FRIES!
Woman at Carl's Jr.: You didn't give me no fries, I got an empty box.
Carl's Jr. Computer: Would you like another EXTRA BIG ASS FRIES?
Woman at Carl's Jr.: I said I didn't get any!
Carl's Jr. Computer: Thank you! Your account has been charged. Your balance is zero. Please come back when you can afford to make a purchase.
Woman at Carl's Jr.: What? NO!
[She hits the machine. An alarm goes off, and a sign appears on the computer saying "Carl's Jr. Frowns Upon Vandalism."]
Carl's Jr. Computer: I'm sorry you're having trouble. I'm sorry you're having trouble.
Woman at Carl's Jr.: My kids are starvin'!
Carl's Jr. Computer: [the woman kicks the computer, and it sprays a chloroform-like substance in her face, knocking her out] This should help you calm down. Please come back when you can afford to make a purchase. Your kids are starving. Carl's Jr. believes that no child should go hungry. You are an unfit mother. Your children will be placed in the custody of Carl's Jr.  Carl's Jr..."Fuck You, I'm Eating."
[Joe approaches the computer]
Carl's Jr. Computer: Welcome to Carl's Jr. Would you like to try our EXTRA BIG ASS TACO? Now with more MOLECULES!
You get the idea.  It takes place 500 years from now, but actually a lot of this movie isn't much of an exaggeration of today.  It's a world where every drinking fountain dispenses the sports drink Brawndo™ instead of water, and the most popular show on TV is called Ow! My Balls!

Anyway, enjoy the debate tonight...