Friday, October 17, 2008

Looks aren't everything.  I should be getting back to the lighthouse.  Maybe I shouldn't have said that.  Maybe I should care what you think, or not.  Did something burn, or did someone leave little bits of leftover beef in the alley, where my friends and I became enamored with the way of the likenesses of living organisms.  Suppose you were to damage a Rear Admiral's sedan while sledding one bright January day.  And suppose that once accomplished, you opted to slink away into the folded up nature walk reality show dreamscape outer space adventure thingy.  Look what happens.  Did they show up on time, at least?  Or did you come prepared, smoking something I've never heard of let alone talked about openly in front of my friends and family.  Creeps me out, that's what.  I can't fathom what's going through your head, nor can I glean a word of truth from movie stars' biographies.  Little did I know I wasn't holding out.  There were spectral figures, I heard.  They were only there to protect themselves, not to get involved in local races, only local hormones.  It can't be that bad.  Look, every time I've ever tried to fell a maple, I've gotten a lot of grief from the tree people.  Younger girls work every time, nobody knows the game or how to play, what it's like, go to hell, no, just kidding.  The frame around the thought is totally deserving of it.  The secret is not a secret unless those of us who like secrets agree to play along dutifully with the game-changing investments of earlier ages.  Like it matters.  Was another time, wasn't it.  Or having come into the fold been warned of the consequences all about nobody coming in, nobody going out.  It really gets the point across when you send mail out and complain about the covers on your books, but not the books of others.  It looks great on a résumé.  I talk in soothing tones to my real army, the one I dread like none other, but hey, that's their problem.  When it divides sun into moon, lackluster performances hurt a great deal less than what one otherwise might have predicted.  I don't know, despite my vast knowledge, that I can solve this problem all by myself, unless you're into that sort of thing, like I am.  But who isn't.

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