Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Oddly, though not unexpectedly, I thought about falling asleep two or three times before the game started.  Then the game started.  Wow, that's so interesting I can't even dance straight.  Lights up.  I can't figure out my combination without tying my shoes.  I can't figure out how my shoes ended up in the barn.  There are so many barns, and so little time here, which is to say, I like you.  If there were ever a pair of pants that could justify so large a barn, I haven't seen it.  Depends on what you mean by, "I told you so."  But then of course there are other qualifications that have to be met, agreed upon, signed into law, but let's not concern ourselves with those just yet, he said.  In other words, bananas and trucks and wings and forts and blood and jail, well that's my view.  If you don't agree you can always refer back to your owner's manual, the one, yeah, the one I gave you for your birthday, despite your frequent and vociferous protests.  They were elegantly positioned to the fore, and unless I'm mistaken, you're one and the same.  Can you smell that?  It's as if we've dawdled into a new day, an old-but-new zip code, one where everyone seems to be saying things like, "I am a swallowed brunch," and what is the meaning of that which you say.  He say they be looking for a fight, though I have not seen any indications of anything approaching what you might call a tsunami of influence at this time.  The thing to do, I think, now is to band together in search of a common enemy or ancestor.  Really great things are being done in hermeneutics these days.  We can set up shop in the north wing of the Castle Creek Mall, they have an arcade next door I've always wanted to stinkify.  Can we possibly maybe end up doing that?  I'd love you to cum.  That's why I keep coming back for more, to this store, your family's.

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