Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Was proud of myself for getting to bed a half hour earlier than usual, but woke up to the sound of water falling on cardboard, so ended up getting the same small amount of sleep. Not good for a cold. I hope the leak doesn't get worse and flood my room. I'll find out in a few hours. I put a towel on the floor. Probably should have moved my computer further away from where the leak is. Should be fine as long as the crack in the ceiling doesn't start to extend. Hopefully it won't be damaged by a few drops falling on the outer casing anyway. TV should be fine too. I need to look into whether those digital boxes get a stronger signal than the digital tuner antenna I have now. PBS (Thirteen) doesn't come in at all when I use the tuner. If I vow never to eat out again, I can afford cable. Not just if I vow, though. I have to actually do it. I can't see myself giving up Chipotle at least once a week though. I would eat frozen pizza six nights a week if that didn't seem excessive. Three or four nights a week already seems excessive, which is what my current rate is, about. I probably should have stayed home because of my cold and to monitor the leak. Probably shouldn't have come in yesterday either. But now at least I'll have an excuse to take a couple of "sick days" in the future, when I'm not sick. I really don't like missing work. Every day missed is $54.91 down the drain. If I wanted to spend that kind of money in a single day, I'd go see a movie. Ha. Ha. See, cuz movies are expensive.

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