Wednesday, October 15, 2008

"You're nothing but a little wannabe gangsta faggot!" says one coworker to another. To be clear, the utterer is himself an avowed adherent of the homosexual persuasion, and the recipient of his remark probably deserved, if not the precise words, at least the general thrust of the insult. Also of note is the fact that the offender is a middle-aged man, and so should be a little more mature, don't you think? I define middle age as forty to sixty years, though I sometimes extend the range to sixty-five, considering that today's seniors are much more active than those of previous generations. These aren't your grandparents' grandparents, so to speak.


  1. "My" "problem" with posts like this are that they go right to the heart of what you posted at Limespot blog concerning people's management of their perception in the public sphere (or blogosphere clique circles).

    They ultimately come across more as passive aggressive (dog on the carpet chewing the plastic man to death) than the "cultural therapy" these poems sometimes pretend to be.

    If I see "faggot" in my blogroll the first thing when I wake up, I always hope it's going to be something either funny, perceptive or useful.

    I'm chagrined when it's none of the above.

    But that is easily remedied.

  2. Um, ok, I honestly don't know what you're talking about. For one thing, this isn't a poem, it's a description of an actual scene that played out between two other people here in my office this morning which I had the misfortune to overhear. I don't know what people are like in Harrisburg PA, but in NYC people are routinely nasty, rude, and openly bigoted in ways that would make Rev. Falwell happy. I'm just recording it. It wasn't meant to be "funny, perceptive or useful". For crying out loud, it's just a stupid blog post. No one's forcing you to read it anyway. I honestly can't figure out why any of you poets read my blog in the first place--I'm not even a published writer for godssake.

  3. Yes, people in NY really are like this. Not to say that's ok or that it's how the way the world should be, but yeah, I get comments like Matt's quote all the time.

  4. Thanks, Tim.

    The shit flies back and forth on a daily basis in my office. I hardly ever speak—at all—so fortunately no one tries to mess with me. I get really angry when they provoke the gay guy, but then the gay guy will say something about "habibs" or "towelheads" and my sympathy for him dwindles. (Ultimately, though, I do side with him most in my mind, since he's often ganged up on. I understand his anger completely. Yet he does go too far sometimes--he's used the n-word more than once.) Really I just try to drown them out with my headphones, and I've been there long enough that I no longer need to get up and walk a lap around the outer ring of the building when it heats up.

    I'm pretty sure about half of them engage in behavior that could easily fall under the legal definition of harassment. I don't know. It seems that about once a week, at least, there is a really heated shouting match that seems on the verge of coming to blows.

    The weird thing is, they're all really nice to me when I have to deal with them on some task, and all in all they're pretty professional when dealing with the attorneys. (We're file clerks.) One at a time they're ok. But when the whole group is together... yikes.

    Overall it's a rather toxic psychic environment to work in.

  5. Thanks for this explanation, which I never saw.

    And thanks for deleting me.

    Because removing people rather than talking to them is the way of the future.

    You are way ahead of the game.

    I don't publish either.

    I think it's all too funny.

    Maybe it was coincidences.

    But you deleted me rather than talk to me.

    Write more "faggot" poems.

    You might get famous doing that.

    And add more people to your blogroll.

    Eventually you will reach the magic number.

    Thanks for subtracting me.

    But after you subtracted me some creepy person kept showing up on my statcounter listed as "unknown."

    It's probably some creep using the site.

    I only learned about that from another online savant like you.

    Where do you people get this shit?

  6. I deleted you because you deleted me; I figured it was what you'd prefer. Why you're getting worked up about a total stranger's blog is beyond me. Maybe I shouldn't even dignify your shit-talking with a response, but what the hell, I'm bored. I'll just say two things: First, I delete people from my blogroll all the time, so don't take it so personally. The fact that you even care about such things is so high school. Second, I haven't looked at your blog since I removed it from my blogroll, so you can dispense with that particular line of shit-talking altogether.

    I won't publish any more shit-talking comments from you or anyone else on this blog again. Have a nice day.