Friday, November 21, 2008

Alger Hiss, your grandma, and Bank of America...a common link?

Okay, that title was just to get your attention if you clicked here from a blogroll or reader or something.  What this post is really about is a list of books I've started reading recently.  Pretty boring, right?  Hence the bait.

These are eight of my most recent pickups, descending chronologically (most recent first is what I mean by that).

1) Rise Up — Matthew Rohrer.  I've read the first few poems.

2) Indiana, Indiana — Laird Hunt.  Beautiful, beautiful.  I'm on page 49.

3) The Case — Laura Moriarty.  I wish it were more arty.  That was mean.  Sorry.  I'm giving it the benefit of the (proof beyond a reasonable) doubt, believe me.  The very substantial doubt.  I'm more than halfway through.

4) What I Know So Far — Gordon Lish.  One of those guys I've heard about but never read.  I've read the first few stories and don't feel like giving it up yet, at least.

5) The Transformation — Juliana Spahr.  Whoa boy.  (You wonder, don't you: is that a positive or negative "whoa boy"?  Hmm...)

6) A Thousand Devils — K. Silem Mohammad.  Fun to read.  Kind of funny.  I plan to finish it.

7) The Hotel New Hampshire — John Irving.  I'm like 5% into it.  I can tell I'm going to like it probably.  Very portable.

8) Zazie in the Metro — Raymond Queneau.  Makes me want to write fiction.

Only three of those are poetry books.  Three are novels.  One is short stories.  One is "other".

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