Sunday, November 23, 2008

Bigger than Jeebus

Even in forgiving him, they still get it wrong:
"The remark by John Lennon, which triggered deep indignation mainly in the United States, after many years sounds only like a 'boast' by a young working-class Englishman faced with unexpected success, after growing up in the legend of Elvis and rock and roll," Vatican daily Osservatore Romano said.
It wasn't a boast.  John was lamenting his fans' mixed-up priorities.  He didn't want to be more popular than Jesus.


  1. Funny: you say "Jeebus" and I say "Jeezubs." I wonder if this is a cultural thing.

  2. The debate over this word on urbandictionary is fascinating:

  3. A Google search yields only 98 results for "jeezubs".