Monday, November 3, 2008

I would do grad school if there were any way I could do it that doesn't involve work, responsibility, grades, or any form of accountability.  If anyone knows of a way I might be able to do that, let me know.

On a related note, does anyone know how much trouble a person can get into by sneaking into a college lecture for which they are not enrolled?  Can they send you to jail?

While I'm at it (asking questions), what does it mean when you use your ATM card to buy something and the machine or cashier asks if you want "cash back"?  I always say/click no, just cuz I don't want to embarrass myself by asking the clerk what it is.  It seems to be one of those things everyone is supposed to know, but no one ever told me.  There are a lot of these.  Most involve money.  I still don't know what a mortgage is either.  Something to do with houses, but beyond that, I don't have a clue.  O people of the regular world, who told you about all this stuff, and why didn't they or you tell me?  Well, now's your chance.


  1. You can't go to jail. If you go to a big class, probably no one will know you aren't in the class. You can, for the first year of grad school, probably shirk responsibilrity. After that you're on your own. Also, cash back is when they draw out extra money from your account and give it to you so you can put it in your wallet and then spend it.

  2. i go to grad school i dont get graded and i dont really have any responsibility that i didnt choose either (teaching was a financial option), they just assume im writing and i am. im not really help accountable for much for the actual grad work, they dont even care that much if u dont come to class.