Thursday, November 13, 2008

In the end, driving was really the only thing keeping us awake, not only because it relaxed us but then you can't tell what was going on.  Morbidity spiked that first week, I only held seven in my hand.  Straps will bring four lives into focus as onlookers become stripped of zones, pebbles of lifting shreds turned upright, sort of anyway.  Please be ready to accept what some see as an inevitability, close to death, daydreams, that sort of luck and bold crows.  I bit down on the flu.  Nothing ever came close to prescribing.  From what we'll poke to froth doomed apart to all, said goal reached and paid.  Create another like it, forge your own signature before the crooked pedestrians come to take the reins, come to say nothing more than fish or mortar, less like ponds.

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