Thursday, November 20, 2008

Someone complaining

about narcissism in poetry said this: "I especially like being excoriated because I know that I have hit a nerve which means people are thinking."

Doesn't that sound like something a narcissist would say?


  1. It really annoys me when someone takes all the credit for getting people talking by saying they must've "hit a nerve." So this person is probably a narcissist, and they're probably also one of those annoying types who do or say things just to "prove a point"... or "get people talking."

    There's discussion, and there's asshatism.

    You know?

  2. I Googled that quote. The post is basically a complaint about friends writing poetry together, and giggling at readings, right?

    I don't like readings, either, but not because poets giggle. I don't like readings for the same reason I don't like stand-up comedy: I can't fake being amused. But I don't begrudge anyone else a good time.

  3. Yeah. And he has a case of the "shoulds". Poetry should this, poetry should that.... I need to stop randomly clicking on Silliman's blogroll.

  4. On my computer, his blogroll takes more than 40 seconds to load.

    I was totally surprised to find myself on it. He must have elves or something.

    Brooklyn, aka **

  5. He does, actually. I was surprised too. A lot of people ask him to be on it, but you and I got, like, chosen. Does that mean we rock? More than we did before I mean?

  6. I still don't rock. But people
    from Arizona and San
    Francisco find
    their way to
    my boring
    blog from