Sunday, November 23, 2008

We will wade in the shine of the ever

Saw this documentary about the Pixies, loudQUIETloud, the other day.  The more I learn, the more I love.

I own only two Pixies albums.  I've only read maybe 60% of the collected works of Kenneth Koch, my favorite poet.  I'm still not finished with Ariana Reines's Coeur de Lion, one of the best books I've read all year, and which I started in, like, March.

Do you see what's going on here?  Delayed gratification.  But not intentional!  It just works out this way.  I don't want good things to end.  I always want there to be more.  I don't want there to be a point where I've read every Kenneth Koch poem there is to read.  I don't want to "wear out" the Pixies the way I wore out the Beatles.

The only downside to drawing things out like this is the fear that I'll get run over by a bus tomorrow without having completed the things I really do, after all, want to complete.

One Pixies song, though not a Pixies song exactly—it comes from the David Lynch movie Eraserhead and has been covered by numerous artists—that I've only recently become acquainted with is "In Heaven".  Even though it's a cover, it definitely suits them.  The most haunting and bittersweet thing I've heard in quite some time.  Worth the wait.  Have you "lived" until you've heard Black Francis scream "In heaven, everything is fine" in a shriek so bloodcurdling as to send you in search of a clean pair of underwear?  Perhaps, perhaps not.

But back to that documentary.  Proof beyond all doubt that the Pixies are the least pretentious rock band of all time.  The sheer ordinariness of these people is astounding, considering the (black) magic they conjure onstage.  

The movie is about the 2004 reunion tour.  At the first rehearsal, they have to listen to their own albums on an iPod to remember how their songs go.  They look as if they're listening to someone else's music.  As if they themselves are a Pixies cover band trying to learn the songs.  They seem oddly detached from their music throughout the movie.

Except when performing, when everything clicks into place.  It's so funny to see them all nervous before the first show of the tour, wondering if people still like them, wondering if they're going to screw up.  

And then blowing the fucking roof off the fucking dump.

Someone forgot to tell them that they're gods.  They never got that memo.

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  1. In heaven everything is fine
    you got your good thing
    and I got mine.

    Pixies are gods.