Friday, January 16, 2009

16 things some people know about me and some people don't

1) my feet are almost the same size

2) my thumbs are double jointed

3) my thumbs are opposable

4) i'm listening to david bowie's version of "cactus" right now

5) time has elapsed since i wrote the previous item and now i'm listening to "lolita" by black francis

6) at 3:30 on the friday before martin luther king day i still don't know if the office is open or not on martin luther king day

7) i'm a tall, flamboyant grocery store clerk

8) i like to drink soda

9) my wife also enjoys the occasional soda

10) two of the previous three items are lies

11) one day i wrote a poem called "the bose-einstein condensate blues". that day was wednesday

12) "the bose-einstein condensate blues" is my finest poem to date

13) the idea has just occurred to me to turn this chain letter thing into a poem instead of extending the chain

14) i'm trying to figure out what to do with the new blog i just created. it's called "unflatic"

15) i have not marched through the magic kingdom at disney world with anyone other than my high school marching band

16) i haven't been to the dentist in like nine years


  1. HAHAHA...i loved #7 and #16 particular...

    are there tartar fetish videos?

    if so, i'm so IN....

  2. For a second there I thought you were talking about these guys...

  3. Loved this! Just assigned my students to select from a variety of ways of writing about themselves based on an array of examples from Joseph Brodsky, Laura Mullen, Eleni Sikilianos, Lyn Hejinian, Michael Ondaatje, JL Borges, etc., and this would make a fun example of yet another way! Thanks, I enjoyed.