Monday, January 5, 2009

Books I have finished this year

This year I'm going to write about all the books I finish reading on this blog. In other words, I'm going to write about all the books I finish reading this year on this blog. In still other words, I'm this year going to write about on this blog all the books I finish reading. In a final, unnecessary permutation of words, I'm about the finish to going all this books blog on write reading I.

The first book I have finished in 2009 is

Um, ok, I haven't yet finished a book this year. But I will. And when it is all "said and done", I shall have completed 150 books. A modest goal? Perhaps, for you. But my brain runs slower than yours, so for me it's going to take some work. I doubt if I finished twenty books last year. I started hundreds, probably. Seems that way, at least. It's the finishing that I have a problem with. That's why I'm titling this project "Books I have finished this year" instead of "Books I have read this year". Anybody can simply read a book. It takes a man to be a dad. This is your brain on drugs. A mind is a terrible thing to waste.

Brought to you by the Ad Council.

Sorry, what? As I was saying, stay tuned to find out what my first finished book of '09 will be. Will it be yours??? Not even I know yet, but I will tonight, I promise you. Or tomorrow at the latest, probably.


  1. That's not a modest goal. Sometimes, I'm too weary of newness to read new books. I bet I read the same books ten times over the course of a year.

    I'm still reading Zazie. It's totally not a book you can put down and pick up again. You have to keep starting over, until the sequences are so familiar, they're dreamlike and automatic to you. Have you finished it, yet?

  2. Haven't finished Zazie. I last read from it on 11/17/08. I'm pretty good at picking up where I leave off though.

  3. OMFG I thought I had the "link disease" bad!!

    You have about fifty on this post.

    Oh well, it least it's to a worthy site...I had just queried the problem which I'm experiencing on my blog too, and it brought me to a post she made on the Blogger Message boards about having Kasey out the wazoo on hers...

    and LOL @ yr Ad Council Post.

    pleropla is my word verify...that's a serious condition...

    Resolution in 2009: not to make "witty bon mots" about word verification words to end blog comments.

    New Year's Resolutions: 0

    Mental Hamster Wheels: 5.

  4. William, my man, I have no idea what you're talking about. She? Link disease? Kasey out the wahoo?

    About your resolution, that's one I've been trying to follow myself, thought it's getting harder now that the words are more like real words, even are real words in some cases. The Google people are having fun with us or something.