Friday, January 16, 2009

Even after hearing it, I still couldn't fathom the results. And then another earthquake happened. To run around in, I guess, and forever it would be asked, where were you? I kind of like how they managed to incorporate all the new designs into the old ones flawlessly pretty much. I mean it's not totally seamless, there are a few rough patches here and there, as always. Better to catch it now than come down with it later when your immune system is not so hot. Behavior modification is, I think, an important first step. It's just a question of commitment, whether the circulation is clock- or counterclockwise, which can easily be determined when the numbers are finally tabulated. A sheer cliff of unseasonable wind waits, reaches the firs but not the frat houses, conspiratorially speaking. It's at that moment you have to let go, otherwise you'll end up feeding into the prevailing myth of those in your profession. It's not as if a cancer is the only tragedy available. Some are even stronger, be advised and don't return. Be the bee or else think of it as sifting morbidly through the glass, lazing about, choking maybe but in a friendly way, one that says, "Do stay another hour, have some tea, have some space needles. Achoo? Why, God bless you!" 

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