Friday, January 9, 2009

Good Readdance

to star ratings. He's right. It's dumb, and it makes me feel dumb when I see that a book that I just didn't get was given five stars by like everybody else almost. I used to think of it not as rating the book but rating my reaction to the book, but deep down I feel like I really am rating the book, and that makes me sad because who am I to say how many stars it should get, no one forced me to read it after all, and why drag someone else down just for the sake of having something to do at work while not playing Lexulous, the reincarnation of Scrabulous, which I just remembered I can't even play at work because it requires a flash player that I would have to download for this computer and I would really rather not download anything for this computer since it's not my computer and I might screw it up because it's a PC which I don't know much about because "I'm a Mac", as they say, and I know these PCs are prone to viruses.

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