Saturday, January 24, 2009

My lower back is effed. It started last night for no reason. I can't bend. It hurts to sit or stand. I don't know if it's a spine thing or a muscle thing.


  1. I just recovering from the same thing. I thought I pulled a muscle playing hoops, but it was in such pain that I thought it was a spinal injury. I haven't gone to the doc yet. To heal the pain I popped some pills and lathered it up with globs of icy-hot. Sorry to hear about your luck.


  2. Wow, let's hope we're both okay. I was remembering those icy-hot commercials this morning.

  3. Nothing can age one faster than when one of those lingers.

    I had one two years ago that lasted three weeks and I felt thirty years older.

    It passed and never came back.

    Almost all of them spontaneously resolve. But this can take several weeks sometimes.

    If it happened at work, document it.

    I wonder if Doan's pills can be interestingly abused?


    Hope you feel better.

    PS: Or you could go the Filipinno "spiritual surgery" route but if you do please film it because I love when they pull the bloody chicken livers out of your body and say they are the "evil incarnate."

    You can fry the evil incarnate later and it's actually not bad!

  4. For now I'm putting a positive spin on it: I have the mobility of a perfectly healthy 90-year-old.

  5. It may indeed have something to do with work. Lifting is involved. Maybe it was a delayed reaction.

  6. ICE
    not heat

    i hope you feel better