Monday, January 19, 2009

Stuff that I did today and the times that I did them

A little before nine-ish — Security guy informs me office is closed. A pleasant surprise.

9:15 — Breakfast! at Gee Whiz Diner on Greenwich St. in Tribeca. French toast, bacon, orange juice, coffee.

9:58 — My bank, TD Bank, née Commerce Bank, America's most convenient bank, is open! on Martin Luther King Day. A deposit is made.

10:10 — Subway, 3 uptown.

11:31 — Wash hands in sink with soap and water.

11:fiftysomething — A notebook is purchased.

NOON — A mind is made up.

Sometime between 12:01 and 12:49 — Thoughts, along the lines of, "Kids these days steal from Wikipedia. In my day we plagiarized real encyclopedias! At least that way you had to read the words in order to copy them. You were bound to learn something, if only by accident. Not so when all you have to do is 'select all', 'copy', and 'paste'. A real desktop, a real book, a real notebook beside it, and a varicolored stack of highlighter pens. That's where education happens."

2ish — Browsing Housing Works. Use of the facilities is made.

Mid-afternoon — Coffee at Cafe Borgia in SoHo. Followed by an interval of ≈10 minutes in which I stand on the corner of Prince and Mercer and stare.

Late afternoon — More bookstores.

5:27 — Subway, R uptown.

5:37 — 1 uptown.

6:03 — Home arrival.

7:06 — Transcription complete.

7:08 — Summary. Without even having read Ulysses, I can comfortably say that my day was less interesting than the day described in Ulysses. I thought about going to a movie, but decided not to. Lunch was consumed at some point, but was evidently unworthy of note. I bought no books. I wrote nothing. Besides this thing you're reading right now, of course. Still, the snow was pretty. And 30-ish temps felt nice after several days in the teens and subteens.

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