Sunday, February 1, 2009

25 random alpacas


  1. They look like something from Star Wars.

  2. Where is where? In thinking that there is a place where alpacas are that I could go, I just got extremely excited. I love them. If there is a place where one can go in the Northeast, I will go there and pet them and try to hug and kiss them and then try to take at least 5 home with me.

    The one with the face up on the camera is me. Which one is you do you think?

  3. Vermont is the place to be for alpacas, apparently. (I haven't been there, this is just what google turned up.)

    Here is the website for Alpaca Breeders of Vermont.

    I might be the one wondering why he's wearing a ribbon on his face.

  4. Ho ho, I like that one!

    Thanks for the website.