Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I have been drafted

into somebody's "literary journal"/blog dealy. There are some formatting problems (not surprisingly, since I wasn't, like, involved in this), but whatever. If you want to see what they're supposed to look like you can always dig through my archives. Mostly they're throwaways, but oddly enough they look better to me now that I know someone else likes them, apparently. I guess that's natural. Come to think of it, that's what happens every single time I get a compliment on something I put up here.

Get your clickeration on right here.

UPDATE: The bio they wrote for me says I'm a self-confessed recluse. I don't know why it says this. I'm neither a recluse nor self-confessed.

FURTHER UPDATE: Ok, some very weird things are going on with that bio, and I'm not sure what the deal is, so just disregard anything you might read there.


  1. Congrats, Matt! You are one of those Reticent poets. So people have to swoop your poems. I swooped a few for my blog a while back too. I liked reading them in the mag. That's a fun mag. I liked seeing the Yves Kleins Bilbao thing. I think it was Bilbao. I liked your poems. I think the last one was my favorite. I'll have to check out your archive. I didn't realize you had so many poems in there. Keep it coming. A yak just came up on your Flickr feed. I think it was a yak. That yak just now was better dressed than I was earlier today. Now I am second guessing myself. That yak had a do-si-do sensibility vis-a-vis the world. There he is again. And then some guy who looks like Marc Almond would look if he were Tibetan. So now I think your secret Flickr feed search term is "Tibetan Yak Almond." That's what I'm hungry for lunch now. I am done commenting now. I will go comment some sparrows in the yard.

  2. Do browse freely my 206 and counting. Just beware that the older they are, the suckier.

    My feed is simply "yak". Hence the yak sightings. It will change soon.

  3. So are you saying that you DON'T think every gym has its limitations? As it were? So to speak? Etc. Etc.?

  4. The weirdness is the fact that all of this is happening without this guy ever communicating with me. He doesn't seem to have an email address. He erased comments on the blog from me and another person. ???

  5. I love people like that.

    He's probably into Amnesis!

    It's all about futility, oblivion, art's amnesia.

    I think it's a cool "movement" because it's not a movement at all but movements...away from everything...

    Ever since I talked about amnesis on my blog I kept emails from amnesists all the time...

    It's like a hidden cult...they're like Rosicrucians or something.

    I like them.

    That guy is probably one of Them.

    I capitalized the T to make it ominous.

    Did you hear an old fashioned Phantom of the Opera organ chord there?