Thursday, February 5, 2009

Old movies are only old because time has passed since they were made. Don't let it get you down. A fun thing to try with your neighbors is not to let them take pictures of each other in front of your house, otherwise they'll become the only real reason to go outside in the morning, aside from picking up the paper and you know the other stuff. How did you all get along? I was sure the factory would be sufficient for our needs, lots of broken windows. It was sunny and the day was probably designed to be looked at from various angles, some while under water, some while dying iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmperceptibly. Similarly, reactions have been reported. Squirting leads to summer, that's where

it can be useful to find a few minutes here and there to recollect the hair you'd left in the drain overnight. Its spare change can change but never be changed until you decide to lift it up and take a look underneath, that's where the sweat goes. I'm thinking you'll have everything you need by the time it takes us to travel by car or bus through the Black Forest or its equivalent. Time freezes, or thaws, either way in there you can't be too careful with your sense of possession. I have dined many times upon such roots as are to be found in the soggy bulge of the bluing dusk. Territorial

concerns mark my words. This will get back to you. If I give you five dollars will you give me ten dollars? I had some before but then it came up as evidence that all was not progressing as seamlessly as certain foreshorteners would have preferred. But they're alright, you can sign them up for adult swimming classes or part-time volunteer work they can enjoy well into their golden years. Stepping out of a green sedan under those auspices is redolent of serious coinage. (Barbarians.) Well if you can't deal, you better learn how to steal, and if your meal isn't a special concoction of ordinary household chemicals, then it's really hard to see how you're going to escape the inescapable conclusion that comes with every order. Oh, I have never heard of one serious injury.

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