Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I'm sending the Aniston breakup
clip to my wife looked
around at the empty house
let's open up something better
in its place everything is
ending here I think you
might have just written a
Billy Joel song for me
it's my worst nightmare yeesh
that's awful nice thanks bro
I knew you were cool
when I started following you
what happened to the good
old days of Spring Break
being easy to plan why
am I drunk oh yeah
I forgot how much I
love the National I miss
the balcony scenes most every
time I see this photo
of you I think of
Zorro memorizing laws is fun
you're only a little Italian
though I don't even know
that I know your real
name didn't you try to
give that away before where
do you hang your hat
goldfish crackers are way too
good maybe a pretty cocky
princess would save me though
my life seems too boring
to bother twittering oh cock