Tuesday, March 10, 2009


There are different types of women.
Those who are brave and modest dress.
Those who have their feet warm.
And others fell quickly traveling chest out.

I have many times in different places, the women,
While at the same time, strong legs and breasts
Almost fell out of the same possible.
As you know, but not verified.

Furthermore, it is unfair. Women, the breasts are good,
And should not in the field with long legs walk.
Schuster, breasts stay, I said. Hey,
The weather was a burden.

Instead, the lords of the creation of the feet
To be admired, I have nothing, but to protect
Their own place. What high red head
When I went to the bars, all of them reported

That fair play, so that only the heart that's true.
A highlight, as I grow wiser. I changed over
Us, courage, and more modest clothes.
And here is very quiet.

I think I make a little knob high.
From the top of the T-shirt.