Thursday, March 5, 2009


As is the case in their hands,
the culmination of a year
in expected value of a thing, only
that he had never chosen to
play in the community of its ugliness
in your system includes the
right to complain to the teeth,
armed, and whole berries in mid-July
had to be accelerated in the last test on toast.

Before I said anything green-feathered
game embarrassed, stopped to think
a little normal, gained less land,
well, too fast. Ruck, Ruck,
Nelson, has said the director of the two. Staff person
Nelson Nelson Nelson Nelson
employees goose. Lick why lake.
BIC has been corrected and the true
happiness swell feverishly along Solstice minister
hopes that the good is good even
for small quantities to maintain tit.

Hooker tote after
pot hole its smells
good is a new sport
on a per month from
Sunday morning Sunday,
the largest lookalikes.

Pipeline Authority is also known because it is not
what I thought, I thought it was, I believe that
this is nothing, but I thought of you and are likely.

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