Sunday, March 8, 2009


Clean air participated in me 
The night I screamed into a crowd of furniture-enthusiasts

Their sympathies divided
I snuck into a sack and watched them unfold
From the back of the house

I've never slept
In a cozier fridge
And yet I was never more aware 
Of being sick

I made up a little
Song to pass the time
And I sang the song
And flapped my arms

Until snow began to sink
Through the roof of my hat
And my presence of mind became
Essence of foam


  1. Aw thanks... this is one of those where I was really thinking in terms of 'making' lines rather than 'breaking'. I think they're the most fun to write...I feel very free when I'm thinking like that, and ideas come easier. I often wish I could write that way all the time, but it's a feeling that only comes along maybe 3-4 times a month.

  2. I love to think of making versus breaking. Making is very free. Thank you for explaining things that way!!