Monday, March 9, 2009


Installed in the electricity
Placed in the ice
All other materials and we
Expect in the ice, the same as the water,
When returned, must be
Given the necessary cables to power
The building of a fishing rod.

This special protection,
The lower chamber of the house
Is a pipe. I had
A few trees, which were the numbers
For suction kick. It allowed
The average viewer.

This was the first step, which shovels began
To pave the way for people to come to the body
And around water, so it must be
Transferred in accordance
With the beans and drainage
Systems. In addition,
The water is installed.

And the buildings as a place
Below, with greater perspective,
The property, the track for
The first time in the corner.

We dug scale, and
Coming home, you can return the car.