Monday, March 16, 2009


I problem, profession, or better, 
And certain audience in these holes
In my head for engineers.
We read and write twice boring chat.
It is a symbol, and the literature,
But want the quality. 

And strict monitoring of the monkeys' dance.

Author's beautiful prose and suggestions throughout the work,
Because it is what most people are
On you. Writing songs when I was bored
After my interests and cut the
Sound and arrangement, and color images unlimited
Possibilities for discussion, although
The extent of provision of resources.

In general, satisfaction, and then,
Through a common search form rarely read—I,
Who is the best song slyly quickly, slowly, what I think
Or worldness air (a German mood) means
That the agreement is colonized for the spirit of an important place
To quickly and effectively vie, usually:
Experience the beauty of my feelings
For the car is zero. 

For this situation, by the way, 
You will not be bored. I have to run (and the actual 
Contributions of the work, the magnetic reader 
And the text of the conclusions, or energy-intensity of 
Traditional stories, but it is expected to pay) or remember the facts.

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