Sunday, February 7, 2010


Bryan, Ohio. 9:35 a.m.
How do I know Bryan
Is spelled that way? I must
Have heard of it.
Leaving, leaving, leaving Bryan
Two and a half hours
Behind schedule. We've been on
This train since 3:30 p.m. yesterday
Except for a stop in Albany
Where some of us got
Off the train and got snacks and used the
Bathroom. I've gone twice on
The train for a total of three.
Now sitting in lounge car
With coffee that will hasten
A fourth trip. Everything about this form of travel
Is better than flying. I hardly
Slept at all but hey
I'm on vacation. The sun is
Out for the first time
Since Friday, or earlier, who knows—
I wasn't even paying attention. It
Didn't seem important at the
Time and still doesn't.
I am happy
To have avoided Pennsylvania,
A place I have already
Seen in its entirety, by bus.
I now can say I have been to
Buffalo, Syracuse, Schenectady—where
I saw the GE building and wondered
If that's where Kurt
Vonnegut worked.
I have also been to Cleveland. This
Is a pleasant lounge car.
It is totally quiet almost.
There is a young attractive couple in
Earth-tones, another young guy
With a scarf wrapped
Around his face, and me.
Now it's cloudy and foggy again
But extremely bright
Owing to all the snow
On the ground and in the air.
I have just met my Waterloo.
Waterloo, Indiana, that is.