Monday, February 1, 2010


Nautically speaking, we've got the halyard covered—
No need for shoddy exhumations any longer.
Tie down the houseplants, they are going for a ride.
It might as well be an entry under "spring thunder".

(Geoff came back with a fist in his mouth,
And then a second ticked off and followed him
Into the yard where drinks were. Some lights
Shied away. The enormous fellow was all akimbo could want.)

Well? Why not be nice? Did banners swell
With your honor's breeze? I kept harping on that,
Shoulders squared and divided by zero, but to no
Avail. I'll keep on anyway; these nuts are all

My cheeks have in answer to hail. Databases,
Fax machines, bioluminescent democrats—
If compensated handsomely, I am proud to be
Numbered among them. One of them is a decoy.