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I never actually said poetry was boring, just that I was feeling that way while reading it, due to personal issues. It has nothing to do with poetry.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I'd like Geek Squad a lot better if you could get help over the phone (without paying premium) like you can with Apple stuff. Guess I'll just have to take my camera into Best Buy tomorrow and leave it there. I guess it's easier that way anyway. I hate talking on the phone.

The Missing Person

Watched this the other day. It's almost exactly what the poster makes it out to be, but you might be surprised to learn that it takes place in the present day. (It sort of has to, because it ties in with certain contemporary events.) It's really good. This actor, Michael Shannon. Wow. I'd never heard of him. He's so cool. I originally wanted to see this because of Amy Ryan, whom I still have a crush on from when she was on The Office. But this Michael Shannon blew me away. The story isn't a mere detective story either. It's a sad and funny movie. Very stylish. Very desaturated, color-wise. Very cool.

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M*A*S*H was TV at its best. End of story.


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Stop defending poetry.
And Trekkies will be tickled by the long riff on teleportation, or travel by “beaming up,” a facet of “Star Trek” that has long irritated Mr. MiĆ©ville because, in his view, it entails ripping people apart and then piecing them, inadequately, back together.

I don't quite understand this sentence. The "in his view" can't apply to "it entails ripping people apart and then piecing them [...] back together," because that's exactly what the transporter does. It's not "in his view" any more than it's "in his view" that the sky is blue. So "in his view" must only apply to "inadequately". If so, this sentence could have been written better, in my view.

But even then, why does MiƩville think it's inadequate? I guess I'll have to read this book to find out, but does he really not understand how the transporter works? Or is he kidding? It would be a sad day indeed when I couldn't tell that someone was kidding about something that I should be able to notice when someone is kidding about.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

If I have anything like a philosophy of life, I think I finally managed to articulate at least a tweet-sized version of it:

"ppl have the right to be a dick but some ppl need 2 spend less time defending their right to be a dick and more time trying not to be a dick"

I think this applies in some way to almost every internet thing that has ever made me mad.
The fiddle player in the picture before last is one beautiful busker. I've seen her twice now. The other time was at 110th St, also on the 1 line. She always has a huge smile on her face as she's playing, even when there's no one around, like a crazy person. I love that about her. Have you seen her? If you do, tell her I said hi. (I should probably leave her some money next time. I've been too shy thus far. I haven't talked to her either.) You can't quite see her face in the picture, but you can see her pigtails, or whatever you call those. And yeah, she is an awesome fiddle player. Now if you'll excuse me I have to go cover my notebook in cartoon hearts.

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Can't find any poetry I like. Not even stuff I used to like. "Why did I used to like this? It's totally boring," I keep saying. "Why am I reading this? This is a waste of time. Life is going on without me as I'm reading this poem."

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Last night I went to a bar with a music venue in the basement. (My friend got free tickets.) I pretty much never go to rock concerts. Why are they so loud? If you're really famous, and you've been around a long time, then I can understand, I guess. In that case you're probably playing in a huge auditorium, or outdoors. But if you're playing in a room the size of a 7-11, what's the point? How does it improve the music? I had my fingers in my ears the whole time. Whenever I did uncover my ears, the sound was so blisteringly, horrifyingly loud, I thought everyone was going to end up deaf. But no one else seemed to mind. They were probably half deaf already. And it's not like this was even the type of music that calls for loudness. Even for the "quiet" songs I had my ears covered. At least it was free.
How does everyone feel about the Daily Show/Jezebel thing?

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