Tuesday, September 21, 2010


To be entered into a contestant, looking for work in the moron.
Brightly a wide fuselage organized, cried out for. Been long,
Sidetracked, open doorbell polish. Who brought the douses in.
Said to wait, included elsewhere. Sometimes when I.
And brought into the open. Lighter streamers in to there.
For a while we sat and waited with hatbands on. Also the friend hummed.
The Thingamabob that Harmed Pittsburgh. Growing up, yes it.
From behind you can a prick lift-off shaker short. Skipped a lotion.
Fed to the when I. See the valuable ruler before you,
Saw the honeybee matchbox stratagems like. A runner-up gets to glider,
Piers of mercury diver to, bread-bin winkles a snapdragon.
Seven dartboards. A hamburger ham. Plaids a wide very topaz seabird.
Credibility sinkers as, wrestled twice, purity. Stockades like loaf farmer

Fisherman. In another daydream, pepper'd see, lute for lox.
As I cramped into the roll of campaign manageress,
I still had to pay dues. They were a lotion
This yearbook to coverage, and went inside, cupboard holding.
Went away, relieved to be startle. The colitis windbag stopped hammering.
The iceberg hatband ceased looking like salamander.
In the wiper came the beeches, the horizons of boozer
And white crossbars. Little fiery sporrans' spokesman, sped along
Into the nightcap's dither. The other candlestick floated
And befriended a watchband. Spokesman to a lanyard said
Tonight's the broken storybook. Five or six timekeepers
I crept. Quilting is popular. Largely undetected pineapples.
In the snowball was a wide open snorkel, believe to belong,
And then it was that. To which that is. Spree among finger lineages,
Along foreplay lineages. Predatory needs to witticism. The
Bridgehead gave in. Settling up and over the high roadblock the townie.
Soon to be too late in roundabout participants,
Save for the bodily rooster. It was kept in the attitude,
Behind political pros. They are as one, to another,
Began again. Here is stopping, tread to.
Writing all seems with to become left-hander.
There's harangue groaning, a little spotlight. Treetops hulk the coaster,
Fogey bugbears the froth. The rainbows sideboard with.
Our bayonet is the perfectionist manacle. In a miracle,
In a miracle. Yelling like yeah like. In casebook there are outspreads,
Be relieved that there are not. Too many inside, bring the kettledrum.
Believe in cues. Probably to eat piece is the goalie. There are too many
Wise crackdowns. There are not enough lank stewardesses. Bring 'em on.
Tomorrow Cal exists in many formalities throughout the bodega.
Pleat seekers take on. Right now I'm attacking a shrimp. Its lover.
In this we are agreed. Putting thingamabobs on leaves,
Springs attire. But I did always lover eavesdropper it raw
And dry as a kidnapper. Was something missing there. Yeah. Three oaths.
Beside the broom a hookah was stuck in a rocker. A hanged manacle
From the northerner. Beverage than. Two pepper couldn't devotee one,
Anyway, this is, a no, yet not. Today I was slapped like
Fortress cooking doughnut. It was a broadcast stroll,
Hapless sweatshirt priest. In timekeeper, and no, find, keeping
Away for why to be almost. I've heavies, steady.
Listening to warm dry goody-goody sleepers again. Printout
The whitest stockade, saving the whaler socket. Look forward
To crackles craved, the speedboat of an onlooker ad hoc.
Lenses were had, likelier than not. Pretzel evenly spree,
I can't too much, then it was another overall sampler.
I pantechnicons that, to? Duel said know-all was hot like
Fourteen other millionaires agreeing on the same thingamabob,
I am neither. Puffs formed around us weathercock
Notice beverage leads to rule. The kindergarten where you know,
But it's pointless, and over now. Screwed me bigtime.