Wednesday, September 15, 2010


said the lady in the background of a picture I took of a guy smoking on Maiden Lane. I said nothing, walked away. Then I turned around to see if she was looking at me. She immediately lifted her bag to hide her face and scurried away across the street. Darn, I should have said, now I can't sell your picture to TMZ! (A man on Avenue C once expressed suspicion that I worked for TMZ.) Regular people imagining they're celebrities. Gotta love it. Speaking of regular people, check out Bruce Gilden at work. He's sort of a paparazzo for nobodies like you and me:


  1. Dear Matt Cozart,

    This particular post seems to permit a continuation of the back 'n forth on this we had on a similar topic on HTML Giant, I think that's where it was.

    The story, basically so far: you correctly point out there is no reasonable expectation of privacy in public places, including the street and subway. And right you are.

    Nevertheless -- and on the following tow points you (Matt) and I may disagree -- some people believe it is impolite to take a picture, even in public, without asking permission. In addition, there are some, and go to Hopi to see, where custom and personal belief result in them concluding that taking a photo without permission is not just rude, but a more profound personal violation.

    It is in these various realities that you take pictures. As such, please consider whether you are taking a too limited view when you suggest in this post that that those who object or say something when you take a shot do so simply because they "imagine themselves celebrities."

    I continue to find your photos amazing. However, I hereby specifically exclude from that characterization the shot that today (9/22) serves as your blog identification, at the top. I believe it's a self-portrait of a kind, but it's too close to Close for me, if you know what I mean and I think you do.

  2. is it the nose hair that bothers you? i know. i'm in need of a trim.

  3. Well, nose hairs are me, so I can't really claim to be that bothered by those.

    I don't greatly enjoy the shot at the head of the blog because it's "too close to [Chuck] Close." Your photos mostly, and I can't explain exactly why, seem very you, and only you. The one above reminds me too much of any number of Close works, as here.

    Keep on shootin'.