Monday, October 25, 2010


Does publishing this picture on my blog make me a paparazzo? Only if I get paid, I think. Of course, since it's my blog I will have to pay myself. What should I charge myself for the use of this photo of Spike Lee, everyone? I'm thinking of a figure somewhere around one billion dollars. I shouldn't have any trouble raising the money, due to the fact that money is an abstraction, and the fact that I will be both buyer and seller. For example, I just charged myself nine million dollars to take a sip of the decaf coffee I've been drinking for the past hour. And I just charged myself an additional $79 trillion to hit the space bar between the previous sentence and this one. See how it all works out?


  1. Spike is the guy running away? Were you heckling him?

  2. no, he just broke into a jog as soon as he passed me and saw my camera. it's understandable. a few minutes later i was still standing there and he came back, looking over his shoulder suspiciously as he passed. understandably.