Saturday, November 27, 2010

So, yeah. Got an awesome hat. I believe it's what they call a trilby. The best part is that even though I bought it on "Black Friday", it was not on sale. That feels good. I also went to Housing Works Bookstore, where you never feel guilty about spending money, since it all goes to fighting AIDS and homelessness. What did I find there yesterday? I found Love Invents Us by Amy Bloom, Under the Small Lights by John Cotter, Walks with Men by Ann Beattie, and The Frequencies by Noah Eli Gordon. The last is signed and inscribed, "For Sasha, whom I know in the New Yorker & the blog world—thanx for all the music tips! Best, Noah". At the top of the page he drew a boombox and the date, 8/17/04.

Housing Works is great like that—it's relatively small, and if you go in looking for a specific book, especially an obscure "indie lit" book, you probably won't find it, but if you browse without looking for anything, you'll often find the most unexpected who-knows-whats.

I'm going bowling in three hours and one minute. Really, really, really hoping I impress a lot of cool people with my awesome hat. I'll let you know later how that turns out.