Thursday, December 2, 2010

I keep wanting to buy a notebook to start a journal. I used to keep one, but it was so boring. It's hard to get enthusiastic about writing something that's not meant for an audience. The idea is that you'll read it years later and remember things, but I don't know, I've read over some of my old journals and they're just not that entertaining. The writing is boring because writing it was boring. But there's just not that much interesting to write about. You end up with a lot of "did laundry today" stuff. My favorite part of keeping a journal was just writing the date and time. I love keeping track of things. Keeping track is more fun than the stuff I'm keeping track of. Anything really interesting I want to save for telling people, or for literary stuff. I thought about keeping a journal, but then copying some entries to my blog... but I'd hate to have to do all that typing. Really what I want to do is save everything for poems, so keeping it to myself feels like a waste, you know?

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  1. I go through this same thought process when I consider keeping a journal again. I started writing about my day in riddles at one point. When I look back on that stuff it certainly captivates me now. Also, I carry around a tiny booklet to write interesting thoughts in. That way it's like keeping a journal, but I avoid the pressure of writing a full on entry packed with boring things. I only write the interesting thoughts. It's so small that I don't mind flipping through it for stuff I might use later for a poem or something of that nature. Maybe that could work for you too?