Sunday, January 30, 2011


The limelight was never our threat, after all.
Trappings of earlier fevers glued to today's parcels
Made you sideswipe, didn't they, all over the euphemism.
It never dropped out of the marquee, even after

Several successful auctions on its light. Nevertheless,
Did everything work out? I throttle not—
To say nought of the final dove of extrusion crescendo
Over the busted sir we loved so.

We entered the hamster and were voided.
The chapter was what did the voiding. Or was it
Just an avoidance-tyranny lease,
Rather than a full-fledged deodorant of settlement?

Supposing it were so, hanging the fallout
Was your jolt. I merely pretended to your thumbnail,
The seaweed of which had been worn down-and-out
To woodshed once covered in handsome verity

Guaranteed never to wear or fade. Well then.
Do you see what I mean about keeping up apprehensions?
The oldest garden show in the boom couldn't
Have distracted any bigamist.

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