Thursday, March 31, 2011

The tenth book I've completed in 2011 is Veronica, by Nicholas Christopher. I was so sucked in by it that I dropped everything else I was reading and finished it in 27 days. That's almost 12 pages per day, way above my average. Some might call this book magical realism, but it's really just an all-out magical fantasy adventure romance. It pretty much leaves the realism behind. It's the most imaginative story I've read in a long time, maybe ever. It's incredibly detailed, but moves fast. That's hard to pull off. I don't normally read fantasy, but since this takes place in New York, it feels very grounded, and it's fun to think about the locations in the book, which are places I walk through and around on a regular basis, being the scenes of a magical story like this. It turns New York into a kind of enchanted forest. Besides New York, it also involves another place where I've lived, having to do with the origin of the stone used to build the Empire State Building. (Hint: Breaking Away.) I'd been vaguely aware of Nicholas Christopher as a poet, though not one I've read. Finding this book was a pleasant surprise.

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