Friday, May 6, 2011


The Donald did my Brazilian and did the best job that I have ever had—
Already made my next appointment and referred my friend to Donald as well.
Donald really focused on my problem areas
Rather than doing the same old testicles, penis, crack, buttocks,
Groin and area in between my butt.

My interest in the male Brazilian wax began
When George W. Bush killed bin Laden.
Naturally, I don't need either of these on my honeymoon,
But I did buy the Groupon.

This was my second Brazilian wax in South Tampa. I said,
"I heard you offer something called the Naughty Kitty Brazilian. What's that?
Will you use hard wax on my kitty if I have sensitive skin?"

The Donald said, "I once remonstrated with a black man
Who spat in front of my New York house and almost ended up
Eviscerated on Twitter, but I did receive a much-needed Brazilian wax,
Maintaining all those values cosmetologists perform.
It's about time the President did this.
When did things get so out of hand? Just a few generations ago
Women got me thinking about, of all things, pubic hair.
One more bowl of Tibetan soup and another Brazilian wax
And all will be forgotten."

So what does a Brazilian look like?
The first thing I did was run right to Google.
The Brazilian has only been popular in America since the early '90s, but
I've always had friendly, chatty women slathering hot wax on me.
My prof told me it was found a little insulting if someone did so.
Color me surprised. Everyone knows a Brazilian wax is the best.

The Donald's voice never ceases to bring a smile to my face
Even though I've been trying to get my wife to do this for some time.

Feel the love, bro!

Trust me, it may even become a legal problem later
If you do not take my advice now.