Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Yes, I'm very glad he's dead. He was never funny.
He was annoying. I'm glad he's dead
But I feel weird about celebrating.
No, I'm not glad he's dead.

None of the above. I do not believe he's dead. I'm glad he's dead.
I'm glad he suffered. I hope this doesn't speak too much of the blackness of my soul.
Short and simple: I'm GLAD he's dead
And I truly rejoice, HOWEVER let's be perfectly honest,

I could care less if he's dead or alive,
It's your behavior that was turning into a dictator.
I'm super torn. I'm glad he's dead. I'm ashamed that I'm glad he's dead.
I'm savagely gleeful that he met his end at the hands of soldiers.

What if I'm GLAD he's dead? He's not the only one,
But he's in my top five of cartoons that both suck and blow.
I'm glad he's dead, even if it's just a ghost of the CIA's imagination.
I'm glad he's dead and I'm going to drink a glass of bourbon

Like it's his blood. But I'm sure as hell not going to celebrate
Like the Mets just won a World Series.
I'm glad he's dead. Even if he wasn't a pedophile,
I'm sweaty with glee. I don't even feel bad about it. Seriously,

What a hipster douchebag, I'm now glad he's dead.
I would shoe his corpse if I were there,
But I'm not. So I'm getting piss-fucking-drunk.
I'm not celebrating. I'm relieved. I'm glad he's dead,

But I'm not cheering. I see him as a rabid dog.
He kept biting, and biting. I'm glad he's dead. Very glad
And it might be the first time I've actually celebrated a death.
I'm in the majority here it appears. I'm glad he's dead,

And congratulations on the great job to those responsible.
My only regret is that I'm glad he's dead.

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