Thursday, May 5, 2011


For anyone unfamiliar with the plot of Rand's flatulent wanksterpiece,
"I Fucked Olga Korbut", the title is a quote from a cool cat,
And it resonated with my flatulent old dog.

In short, this and so many other factors contributed to
Dennis Miller grinning like a fucking
Pig-screwing cross-dresser with a life-long flatulence problem
Asked to help found an Ayn Rand club.

But I much prefer the traditional trendy hip cat,
Like Bill Clinton crossed with Shrek. However,
Next thing I know, I'm sitting at Smitty's restaurant with my groupies,
And in walks Ayn Rand with some junk mail. I must have it...
To spray on my cat!

"That is a shaky cat," Senator Mike Lee recently giggled while describing Beck.
Every man has a right to his opinion,
But no man has a right to be wrong about the facts.
I am still waiting for the advent of the computer science groupie.

As a business owner, I'd rather fire my workers and hire a Norwegian Forest Cat.
But gosh kiddies, if we can find other players in the game so easily,
This (along with many other things) is what comes with
Early sports books given to me by Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

Now I have to wear this American burqa night and day
Or my cat will hold the legal publishing rights of
"The Simplest Thing in the World" by Ayn Rand (1940).
It contains, among other things, a prayer for George Bush's
Electronic flatulent pig.

I think my cat hit on you in a lightning storm, right?
I really would love to see some lovely shots for my website.