Monday, May 9, 2011


Naughty Kitty punches baby: Naughty Kitty caught in action.
“I love you,” he said quietly, lowering himself over
Northeastern Maui.

His sexy boyfriend riding him, Naughty Kitty sneaks some roses
While Mommy's not looking!
And by da time she almost catches him,
He shoots through again!

Such a naughty naughty kitty.

Me rides safe wif Santa. Superfly the Supermodel wants to ride his bike
All around the island and not be a good kitty and sit all day
On the elves pushing the catapult.

"Now," she prompted, "hold up the mitten and walk toward somebody and say,
'What naughty kitten has lost his mitten?' Then slip it on his hand and say,
'A dog is at his wits' end when his mistress adopts a stray kitten.'"

Naughty Kitty wrote:
"Some naughty toy stores are neon-signed sleaze-baskets
Where you kinda feel great, as if all you need is
Huge selection, fair prices, and feminist sensibilities."

And lemme tellya, this kitten is goooooooooood medicine.
He might get knighted some day so I can add “Sir” to the whole thing
But right now he's too naughty to be a knight:
A human falls face-first to the ground and later dangles from an amusement park ride.
Makes my heart purr again to see kittens playing with their mom.

Here's the conversation that occurred on the golf cart ride from his bus
To the grounds of the ACL Festival:

"Such a naughty kitty you are Yugito-chan," said Naruto thrusting upward.
Said Yugito riding him harder, "I must make a mental note to visit Temari again
To give her another naughty kitty."

And that's the end of my romance.
You shall have no pie.