Tuesday, May 24, 2011

People used to say movies weren't an art form. Now some people say that about TV. Why? The best TV shows of the last decade are as well-made as movies, so why no respect? My guess is that most people who "don't watch TV" are basing their idea of what TV is on mediocre shows, rather than really paying attention to the good ones. The best shows, like the ones I mentioned here, affect me just as much and sometimes more than movies and books. And if you watch the commentary tracks for shows like Mad Men, you can see how passionate the people who work on the shows are. They take it just as seriously as authors take their books. All art forms are created equal. They each do things that can't be done in any other form. TV, for example, allows you to follow the lives of characters over years, and to get to a level of depth and detail that a two-hour movie just can't allow for. Music, poetry, TV, scrimshaw, it's all equal.

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