Wednesday, May 4, 2011


RIP Osama bin Laden,
Scratching his head as he pondered
The g-string banana hammock and wife.

Even just typing that made me barf in my mouth a little.
Bin Laden is worm food.
I'd like to shake the hand(s) of those who got the job done,

Flaunting their stuff in variations of the classic banana hammock.
They have not forgotten
That Rhode Island barfed up black seafood innards and Jägermeister.

We got the DEATH PICS of Osama bin Laden (warning...
I feel like there are at least six grass- or barf-flavored ones
For every tasty one in the box.)

What are you eatin'? Just a geezer in suspenders and a banana hammock
With a built-in Werther's Originals pouch.
I'd hit it! I mean top and bottom ... now that is just nasty!

Remember that time that we got a good belly laugh, bleached mohawk,
Extremely questionable facial? I got blindfolded,
Kidnapped from my dorm and taken to a "Male Revue"...

Thank God that Danny had given me an anti-barf pill on the way.
I love eating them fast! And then barfing them up
And Osama bin Laden too. Osama bin Laden was hiding

For a banana hammock nap
Which occupied the bottom half of the world.
All greased up and writing in a banana hammock are not hot,

Especially when it is a “personal brand”
Which is just grade-A YUCK FART BARF, which is what I
Just crapped blood into. I guess you laugh

And shit and barf a lot too,
With fried plátanos (non-sweet bananas) on the side and lots of beer.
Well sure, we are all Wisconsinites now.