Monday, October 24, 2011


Father played point guard for the Washington Generals,
The team that traveled with Apollonius of Aphrodisias,
Reading to the Beatles good mystery novels
Partially out of a fascination for kites in Wonderland.

No, I am not a sophist, Evelyn; anything else than that!
Mark my comment as a response to Philostratus about New York:
It is being colonized by the hand of Christian Garth.
He studied rhetoric under Libanius and philosophy under
The hand of his eldest daughter, Mrs. Grace Elvina (Hadley) Billings.

He will feel quite satisfied if only Protagoras can recreate
Twelve sultry and sexy Spanish recordings originally sung by
Singer, vocalist, warbler, crooner, malingerer, masquerader, mountebank,
Phony, playactor, poser, pretender, quack, smoothie, swindler,
Trickster, two-face, two-timer, inky, pitchy, dusty, swarthy
Mr. Darcy, by the aid of which every species of paradox could be demonstrated.

In return for this service, Bing Crosby will drink more
To treat pain effectively, madness whipping a song that exists
Solely to execute Beowulf, a vile magician whose claim to humanity
Makes misanthropes of us all!

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