Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Why am I not seen as boyfriend material?

On a date the other night we were talking about relationships. We asked each other about our last serious relationships. She's divorced. I said I've never been in a serious relationship. Whenever this comes up on dates, my date is always shocked. It's even more shocking now that I've turned 30. They always ask why I've never been in a serious relationship. I can only say, "I don't know, it just hasn't happened yet." Or I might say, "I got a late start, dating-wise." I didn't really start dating until my mid-20s. But I still can't figure out why no one has ever wanted to have me as their boyfriend. I've had very short "relationships" with a handful of women in the last few years, but it never comes close to being serious, even though I've wanted it to in several cases. So why is this? Why does no one think of me as boyfriend material?

Incidentally, I'm not sure dating someone much older or younger than me is all I've cracked it up to be. My date the other night was 15 years older. We just didn't feel like equals. It felt like we were a grownup and a kid. The upside of this was that she paid for everything, which I didn't object to at all. Even though the date ended in dull ho-hum fashion, the fact that I walked away without having spent a dime made me positively giddy.

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