Tuesday, April 17, 2012


One moment, please, as I try to recall the last rabbit
I laid eyes on. It likely had spectacular hair,
Not the kind you'd ever want to cut, shave,
Or change the color of. In any event, I've soon got to run,
So I'd better concentrate real hard and not stop to chat.
I'm on my way to a pleasant day inside my pyramid.

Say what? You'd like to hear more about my pyramid?
I fail to see what that has to do with the rabbit
On my mind, but hey, you're the one who started this chat.
Far be it from me to throw sand in your hair
Over a little thing like the course our conversation should run.
I just hope I have time for a shave

Before my visit this afternoon. Going in without a shave
Is said to bring a curse on all who enter the pyramid.
What terrible roads the fates force us to run,
Am I right? But really I'd rather get back to my rabbit,
Which as I speak is starting to materialize, hair
And all, in the theater of my memory. Let's chat

Another time, a time more conducive to quality chat,
Namely the afterlife, the proper entry to which obliges me to shave
Lest tomb-raiders come to rob my tomb of my hair.
Though the security system I installed in my pyramid
Is state-of-the-art, I'm afraid it's no match for a rabbit
(For example) intent on breaking in and having the run

Of the place, pilfering its treasures. Hey, don't run
From me now—I'm about to elevate our chat
To matters far more pressing than what rabbit
Was last seen by me, or whether I need a shave.
The day grows late, the shadows long, and I can hear my pyramid
Beckoning me, screaming its fiery call that singes my hair.

It tells me you were right, you passerby with amazing hair,
Not to care about some lagomorph I once did run
With or maybe just blew my nose at as it robbed a pyramid.
'Twas a mere distraction from the jewel in the lotus of our chat:
The idea that to live well is to shave
Away all thoughts that cause us to obsess like rabbits

Over trivial, non-pyramid things. For as my hair
Is my witness, I am a horse. Adept at chat, in need of a shave,
Expert at running, I shall endeavor to be a friend to rabbits.

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